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"Legally Blonde" - Moonbox Productions
Directed by: Katie Clark      Choreographed by: Taavon Gamble


"...there's seldom a long wait between the infectiously high-spirited musical numbers, which means another chance for us to watch the cast's full-throttle execution of Taavon Gamble's galvanizing choreography."


"Gamble, especially, provides some inventive and vibrant dance numbers...which contains, unquestionably, some of the most impressive choreography all season"

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"Boulevard of Bold Dreams" - Greater Boston Stage Company
Directed by: Taavon Gamble


"Directed warmly by Taavon Gamble, Greater Boston Stage Company delivers a perfectly timed, heartfelt tribute to one of the greats with the east coast premiere of Boulevard of Bold Dreams"



"Directed by Taavon Gamble, the 90-minute, intermission-free production is captivating from start to finish. Its eloquent, artful staging intertwines the real and the imaginary, shifting between scenes in the barroom and scenes that express a character's dreams"


"Greater Boston Stage Company presents the wonderful "BOULEVARD OF BOLD DREAMS" which celebrates the legacy of actress Hattie McDaniel" 


"The Little Mermaid" - Reagle Music Theatre
Directed and Choreographed by: Taavon Gamble


"...vibrating with enthusiasm... bravura direction and whirling choreography"



"..direction and choreography duties for Disney's "The Little Mermaid" to the uber-talented Taavon Gamble and the result is a thrilling new production. It has the joys of live theater and exudes high energy that director/choreographer Gamble always has shown as a performer and now has been able to get from his cast."


"...nothing but immersive joy...Gamble pulls out all the stops creating the underwater setting for the classic tale of aquatic characters."

"The Prom" - SpeakEasy Stage Company
Directed by: Paul Daigneault
Choreographed by: Taavon Gamble


"SpeakEasy's production, helmed by producing artistic director Paul Daigneault and choreographed within an inch of its life by Taavon Gamble, is yet another demonstration that when it comes to musicals, you can't beat live performance"



"spectacular choreography by Taavon Gamble, which makes shrewd use of the Roberts' postage-stamp stage and the considerable talents of its 10-member ensemble of dancers, who represent the high school students. Without doubt, Gamble is a name to watch with athletic and pop-influenced dancing that elevates the production"


"Taavon Gamble's standout choreographed moments include the first act's "The Acceptance Song" and second act's "Love Thy Neighbor" and the show's finale "It's Time to Dance" 


"Ain't Misbehavin' " - Peach State Summer Theatre
Directed and Choreographed by: Taavon Gamble

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"Ain't Misbehavin'" is a bold triumph, well-deserving of the immediate standing ovation and cheers that lasted several minutes at the end of the show."

"From the first moment to the last, Taavon Gamble's double duty as show director and choreographer are on full display. The show never slows but is never rushed. "Ain't Misbehavin'" is subtitled "The Fats Waller Musical Show." It is a revue and Gamble never forgets to showcase the songs, the lyrics, the dancing, the humor, the culture and the magic of this production."

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"A Christmas Carol" - Trinity Repertory Theatre Company
Directed by: Joe Wilson, Jr.
Choreographed by: Taavon Gamble


SMITHFIELD PUBLISHING - "Rather than the traditional quadrille that is typically included to show the merriment created by the unrestrained Fezziwig, this show offers something entirely different.

What we witness is an improvisational foot-stomping challenge and response kind of competitive romp. The dancers try to outdo each other with athletic, yet graceful, can-you-top-this exchanges of complex moves. The participants attempt to outdo one another in intensity and invention.

It is nothing less than the beating heart of the entire play. Before you witness it, you see the world as it was. After you experience it, you think of the world as it might be."

WALL STREET JOURNAL - "It's a broad, genially acted, multiracial big-stage production"

JOHNSON SUNRISE - "The broom dance at Fezziwig’s party was a delight"

WESTERLY SUN - "Thrilling, emotional, political, and so well done, this year's version of "A Christmas Carol" perfectly "celebrates tradition and ritual". "...a glorious dance number (featuring brooms!) not soon to be forgotten" 


EDGE PROVIDENCE - "Taavon Gamble doubles as choreographer, with movements unexpected and totally refreshing, especially while Scrooge is reliving his past"

"A Christmas Carol" - Trinity Repertory Theatre Company
Directed by: Kate Bergstrom
Choreographed by: Taavon Gamble


WOONSOCKET CALL - "Trinity Rep puts another fresh spin on classic... supported by an inspired creative team, including choreographer Taavon Gamble, who creates a memorably joyous and, no doubt, demanding dance scene for the Fezziwig Christmas party."

PROJO - "A fresh and entertaining spin on Trinity’s ‘A Christmas Carol’...after more than four decades, the company has put a fresh spin on this beloved seasonal favorite like never before." 

WESTERLY SUN - "Taavon Gamble, who has appeared in four versions of Trinity's "A Christmas Carol" does an extraordinary job as choreographer (the dancing was remarkable!) 


PROJO"And the Christmas Eve party at the Fezziwigs turns into a true production number, with clinking tin mugs, where Scrooge is no mere bystander but tearing up the floor."


"The Color Purple" - White Plains Performing Arts Center

Directed by: Jeremy Quinn

Choreographed by: Taavon Gamble

LOHUD - "Provocative and uplifting, the production exemplifies how the joy of creativity can triumph over cruelty and hardship. Taavon Gamble’s choreography has ample energy"

SCARSDALE INQUIRER - "A spirited cast of singers and dancers... The dance numbers, choreographed by Taavon Gamble, are exuberant."


"Hair" - White Plains Performing Arts Center

Directed by: Jeremy Quinn

Choreographed by: Taavon Gamble

LOHUD - "Staging and choreography by Taavon Gamble were fluid, especially in the “Be In (Hare Krishna)" group number, capturing the texture of the time period effectively"


"The Addams Family" - Arundel Barn Playhouse

Directed & Choreographed by: Taavon Gamble


"Pippin" - Jean's Playhouse

Directed & Choreographed by: Taavon Gamble


"Chicago" - Annapolis Summer Garden

Directed & Choreographed by: Taavon Gamble


BALITMORE SUN - "Chicago," gets just about everything so right that it would please the ghost of choreographer Bob Fosse."


"The production's success is largely attributable to Gamble's smart sense of style... Also evident in every scene is the meticulous care Gamble gives all aspects of this Kander and Ebb musical.


"As predicted here two weeks ago, "Chicago" may be the strongest Summer Garden opener in a decade and should not be missed.”

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